Does Drinking Alcohol Really Help You Live Longer?

A study on 90-somethings found that drinking may be the secret to longevity.

It’s only natural to want to make your life as long, happy, and healthy as possible. Immortality might still be reserved for sci-fi novels, superhero movies, and Black Mirror episodes. But in the meantime, we’ve got longevity!

Scientists have been researching the topic for years, linking things like your coffee habit and sense of smell to an increased chance of celebrating the big 100. Beyond the scientific research, we’re fascinated with novel super-ager anecdotes: Look at Emma Morano, the 117-year-old single lady who swears her relationship status is the reason she’s lived so long, or 110-year-old Agnes “Aggie” Fenton, who claimed her daily shot of Scotch and three beers were the secret to a long (buzz-filled) life…

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