Got Milk? Get Sleep.

By Amy Sommer | April 16, 2013

Like every other multi tasking mid-lifer I know, I’m pooped. And while I am no Madeline Kahn, “Let’s face it, I’m tired.” And yet… there are nights, no matter how exhausted I am when I tuck myself in, that I watch as the clock creeps past the double digits and in to wee hours of the morning. I grunt, I curse, I vow to give up caffeine and work out more, then finally fall asleep around 2:00am – just in time for a nap before waking to rouse my family for the next day.


Sleeping pills? Sure, I’ve thought of ‘em and I’ve even tried a few. But most leave me in a fog the morning after…. So, most days I inevitably give in to the blessing of a cappuccino around 3:00pm no matter how strong my pre-noon conviction about giving up caffeine is.

Benadryl? Nope – I’m immune to its pacifying qualities – I’m allergic to most everything (including myself) and thus rely on its blessed ability to stop the flow of bodily fluids from my nose.


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