Infant carriers: How to keep your baby safe and cozy

Infant carriers: How to keep your baby safe and cozy

Infant carriers, be they sacks, slings or structured packs, are wonderful ways to keep a baby close to your body, whether you are a mom, dad or a loving caregiver. The physical closeness that these carriers provide allows a baby to feel similar to how he felt in the womb—even if it’s not mom who’s carrying him. Babies feel the warmth of the body, are curled up in a position similar to the one they were in before they were born, and they also feel the rhythmic up-and-down or side-to-side movement that lulled them to slumber for nine glorious months. For these reasons, many infants have fantastic naps in these carriers. The added bonus is that the person doing the carrying can have two hands (and legs) free to do just about anything—feed another child, feed themselves, go for a stroll, do household errands, or even sit down and read this article.

But while it is overall safe (and wonderful I might add, having worn my two kids for hours on end) for your infant to be carried in these carriers, there are several issues you should keep in mind to keep your baby safe, especially if he is under age four months.

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