Dr. Nina Shapiro presents at Isis – Infant & Toddler Winter Illness Webinar

Infant and Toddler Winter Illnesses

Why do newborns sound so congested? When should you worry about an infant’s cough? Are steroids needed for a wheezy one year old? Does croup mean a child is more likely to develop asthma? Can I prevent my toddler from having frequet ear infections?

Nothing is more distressing to a parent than a young child’s illness. It may feel like one cold is hardly finished before the next virus hits, and a cough or runny nose may seem like a chronic occurrence.

Dr. Nina Shapiro, Director of Pediatric Ear, Nose & Throat at UCLA School of Medicine, and the author of Take a Deep Breath, will explore the common respiratory illnesses encountered during a child’s early years, including colds, sinusitis, ear infection, strep throat, tonsillitis, flu, RSV, pertussis, croup, bronchitis and pneumonia.

We’ll review the symptoms of these common illnesses with a focus on treatments to manage the symptoms at home, and when to worry or call the doctor. Young children typically encounter 5 to 10 colds or viral illnesses a year. The practical information shared by Dr. Shapiro in this webinar will come in handy for parents and caregivers of children from infancy through preschool.



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