Ear infections and how to tell if your child has one

Ear infections are the most common reason that children go to the doctor. So ear infections are going to be very common with your baby. Almost all children by the first or the second year of life have had at least one or two ear infections. It’s often times not easy to tell if your child has an ear infections. Maybe a child who’s just crying. They may not have any signs of any other illness, but they’re just crying at night. You may have to take them into to the doctor to have their ears checked. This could be a child who has a little bit of a fever, they may be pulling at their ears. That could be a sign of an ear infection. In an older child they may start having trouble hearing. Having trouble hearing, where there’s fluid in their ear and they can’t hear, that also may be a sign of an ear infection. So unfortunately, there’s no one way that you can tell your child has an ear infection. Could be something as simple as irritability, cranky child, it’s an ear infection. Or severe ear pain, it’s an ear infection. So because they’re so common, you usually do need to have your child checked to see if it’s what’s really going on.

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